Sticker Ups

The Drip Sticker symbolically represents a social commentary that draws awareness to the steady decay of global society. Opposite to the innately interwoven and cosmically connected nature of existence that the Flower of Life symbolizes- the world is feeling more fragmented, separated, and isolated than ever. All around the world, at borders drawn up in the minds of man- our daily reality is interwoven with the painful thread of violent conflict. Conflict in the same of separation Fundamental values and common courtesies have fallen beneath the foot of faceless capitalism and trampled by the parade of economic globalization, and fear. Humans kill each other, sell each other, and consequently fear each other. Going further, humans have lost connection with fundamental life sources (air, water, earth and fire) and lost respect for the purity and health of these vital life sources. The drip sticker symbolizes this concept of decaying fundamental values and a loss of timeless universal truths.(in hopes that we recalibrate it.

Sticker ups at Pyramid lake on the way to Burning Man

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