Signs of Our Times

#signsofourtime takes the simple format of everyday road signs and transforms them into thought provoking images that initiate cognition and the narrative. On topics that are always running in all of our minds that often get swept under the rug like religion, pornography, technology, capitalism and spirituality which are themes within my art. If viewers are unfamiliar with the terminology and symbolism, my intention is to ignite curiosity and provoke a discussion of social issues that are often seen as taboo in contemporary pop culture, resulting in a broadened perspectives and gained insights. Leaving one with the simple and profound desire to seek truth and impacting the world for the greater good in any and every capacity available. Signs Of Our Time looks like a common, everyday road sign- but with an image reformatted from the expectation of the banal daily grind. The signs are inconspicuous to the undiscerning eye, but rich in symbolism and context of the issues that face civilization today. This subtle, yet thought-provoking art series invites social commentary on the unfortunate truths hiding just below the surface of societies awareness. What is the presence of the sign really pointing to? What is its true message?   jk_signs_newtribal

Signs of Our Times - HAARP evac route  420_hazard_sign

R2D2 Installed